Marieke de Vree | 1968

Academy of Creative Arts in Maastricht, disciplines Sculpting and Ceramics

Sint Lucas PRO/ THE Academy Boxtel, specialist training Leather-working Bags

Several specialist courses (a.o. Arsutoria School Milan, Lederpartner DTH Drunen)

(from: editorial ‘Design-A-Bag’, 2016)

“Living in Castricum (The Netherlands), Marieke de Vree is a handbag designer and has her own studio called ‘POOKPOOK’. After completing her training as a sculptor at the Academy of Creative Arts in Maastricht, she began designing and manufacturing large, monumental 3D sculptures and jewellery, mostly assemblies with the deft addition of materials such as ceramics and leather. Over the last years her creative aspirations have shifted to handbags, designed not so much to be a consumer article or fashion accessory but rather a portable art object illustrating a humourous story. “As if you’re carrying a beautiful painting in your arm”.

Marieke learned to master specific leather fabrication techniques during a two-year training programme at Sint Lucas Boxtel in “De Langstraat”, a region in the South of Holland that has been the epi-centre of Dutch shoe and leather production for centuries.”

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